Patient Advocacy Learning Communities Big Data Analytics for Advocates

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If you are a patient advocacy organization, then the Patient Advocacy Learning Communities (PALc) home is for you…where your organization can become an activated participant in medicine’s digital revolution.
PALc is a community of patient advocacy-led online learning networks joined together to amplify the patient voice in the digital age, where advocates can access big data analytics to transform millions of unique patient experiences into a rich source of information that can guide your advocacy.

Big data and machine learning are powering healthcare as medicine is increasingly digitized. Patient advocacy groups are challenged by the related costs and expertise required to be an effective patient advocacy organization in the constantly evolving digital age. They rarely have the ability to fund, design, and manage data platforms that can be used to improve healthcare and public policies that impact it.

PALc is designed to give patient advocacy organizations:

• The power of big data analytics at an affordable price
• User friendly access to big data analytics for anyone with basic computer skills
• Opportunities to enhance fund-raising from partners that want to advance advocates’ cause