Bringing Down Barriers of Entry into the Digital World for Patient Advocacy Leaders

The Benefits of PALc

Big data and big data analytics require large, ongoing capital investments that most patient advocacy groups cannot afford. NMQF makes these investments on behalf of the PALc communities.
Healthcare data is voluminous, dynamic and complicated. PALc addresses the costs and challenges to standardize, collect, store, and curate.
Analytical tools can be complex and hard to use. PALc makes analytics accessible for advocacy groups without the need for in-house expertise by presenting data analytics using clear and intuitive visualizations and dashboards.
Patient advocacy organizations gain the opportunity to serve as the manager of a PALc learning community where they can convene clinicians, researchers, payers, policymakers, and other patient advocacy organizations in an environment designed to help accelerate knowledge generation and solutions for a condition, patient cohort, or therapy.